Our Brands

We are shaping the mobility of tomorrow and offer the right solution for every need: used, as good as new premium e-bikes at Rebike at a reasonable price, an attractive e-bike subscription model and e-bike rental stations at popular holiday destinations.



Our website rebike.com went online on 28 June 2018. Interested customers can get here high-quality, used e-bikes - so to say the "annual car among electric bikes".

The used electric bikes that we sell come from our own rental companies and from manufacturers who sell their showcase and trade fair models to us. Before resale, the e-bikes are carefully and technically checked by our bicycle mechanics, further maintained and, if necessary, the wear parts are replaced.

This way we can give a 2-year warranty on battery and motor. On 1 March 2020, we opened an approximately 1000m² warehouse, logistics and "refurbishment" hall in Kempten. The e-bikes are shipped throughout Germany from here.

eBike Abo


The www.ebike-abo.de website has been in operation since September 2019. Here our customers can rent new or as good as new e-bikes (electric bikes) from brand manufacturers. We offer our customers a big range with different terms. The amount of the monthly rent depends on the selected model and the subscription period. The price for a 1-year subscription is between 79 and 169 Euros per month.

The rental price includes a bicycle lock, maintenance, repair and insurance. After the online booking, the pre-assembled e-bike is shipped to the customer nationwide by a forwarding agent. eBike Abo is the only provider to offer a constantly renewable, cross-brand selection from the e-bike categories such as E-City, E-Trekking, E-Mountainbike Hardtail, E-Mountainbike Fully as well as XXL bikes with high permissible weight.

Newly added to our range are children's E-bikes ages 8 and above. After the selection of the minimum term, interested customers can buy the bike. Returned bikes are otherwise offered for sale via rebike.com

Rebike Verleih


Since April 2019 we have been operating the largest e-bike rental service in the Allgäu. Experienced e-bikers, e-bike newcomers, families or larger groups can rent the latest e-bike models on a daily basis from our Rebike Store in Oberstdorf. Right from comfortable city e-bikes with a low entry point for comfortable tours, to trekking e-bikes, hardtail or fully e-mountain bikes. We offer special children's e-mountain bikes for younger kids. Families with small children can rent child trailers. For the beloved quadruped we have dog trailers.

Customers who can't get enough of e-bike riding can benefit from our "Try & Buy" offer: Through this offer, users can thoroughly test the desired e-bike model on tours around the Rebike rental stations and then buy it new or used. The Rebike team will take care of shipping the e-bike to the buyer's home town.

Rebike opened another rental station in Garmisch-Patenkirchen in the month of June.

Rebike Stores


In the summer of 2022, we began operating two new retail stores - in July 2022, our store in Frankfurt am Main opened its doors. Munich followed a month later.

The two retail stores, 220 m² and 300 m², respectively, offer customers a wide selection of high-quality, used, and new e-bikes for direct purchase. Our sales teams advise the interested parties - either as walk-ins or with a scheduled appointment - on the various e-bikes and our eBike subscription offer, ebike-abo.

Both stores have a workshop so that we can offer the repair of e-bikes as an additional service. In addition, a small selection of accessories and spare parts is available for purchase.

Like the e-bikes on www.rebike.com, the used bikes come mainly from our rental stations and through returned subscriptions. The electric bikes have been thoroughly checked and serviced by our bike mechanics in our refurbishment center Kempten. A 2-year warranty on the motor and battery is included./p>